"A Charmed Life" was written by James Melville and adapted for my senior year project. Over the span of nearly a year and a half, 15 illustrations were created digitally with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, then laid out with the text in InDesign. The pages were printed on transparencies and imposed manually onto photo-sensitive aluminum plates. The plates were printed using traditional lithographic methods, 15 copies per page. The final pages were then folded, punched, sewn and bound into a final edition of 12 books. 

The start of the sketch remodeling in Photoshop. Pictured, Rapunzel (wild), Rapunzel (manners) and Cinderella (haughty).

Cinderella (Haughty), close up of the digital file to be exposed to the plate.

Doing some levels testing with the prints and exposure levels to see how dark and clear it would be.

Example of a poorly exposed plate. This process took a lot of experimentation.

Pages are all printed and getting ready for binding. 

Books assembled and punched for sewing.

Books assembled and punched for sewing.

Glue and cinderblocks. 

An example of one of the binding options with the final title page.

Another shot of the finished binding.

All the books together.