199 Mariner - Draft Logo

These logo examples were created for a high-end contracting/construction company in Southampton, NY. The brief was for a sub-company to recruit and manage a labor force. They wanted to communicate the construction side but also a sense of teamwork. 


Insights Media Company - Branding Concept

Insights Media is a consulting marketing group. The client wanted a colorful but professional, clean looking geometric design based on a prism in her home. 

Two Forks and Flowers

A new Youtube channel dedicated to table setting, style advice and cooking needed a brand identity and a website that was feminine, pretty but clean and modern feeling. 


Svengol - Logo & Identity

Svengol is the pseudonym of Shawn Golley, a musician who needed an identity and logo for his stage name to brand his music with. 


Comal Doughnut Company - Logo & Identity

New Braunfels doughnut maker - freshly fried kettle doughnuts and aspiring food truck owner.

Comal Doughnut_Web_Grey.png